Here's a bit more info about myself and also some extra miscellaneous stuff I feel like putting somewhere.

Twittery Professional Bio

Ex-JPL. Mars Science Laboratory. Currently Head of Platform Engineering at Dealpath. Yes, we're hiring :-)

Academic Background

Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning


Mealsoup and good bread
Condimentthat chili sauce you get at dim sum
BeerThe Dissident
Space MissionEuropa Clipper
TV ShowSeinfeld
Star TrekDeep Space 9

This or That

Specialist or Generalistgeneralist
Fiction or Non-fictionfiction
Sweet or Savorysavory
Bacon or Sausagesausage
Sports Car or Motorcyclesports car
Hot or Cold Weathercold
Paper or Plasticpaper

This Site

Hugo, Vim, Visual Studio Code, Procreate, Krita, Digital Ocean